Who we are

The Society is a ministerium (order) of pastors who have been ordained in Lutheran churches throughout North America. Click below for a brief history and founding statement of the society.


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The rule

Each member of the society signs The Rule. The Rule are guidelines for helping members of the society be faithful to the vows they made when they were ordained.


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The society is broken into regional chapters. These 23 chapters hold annual retreats for worship, study, and mutual conversation. To find a chapter near you, please click below.


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Endowment Fund

The society is grateful to have an endowment fund to ensure our future needs are met. Click below to learn more about the the current campaign and other funds news.


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Chapters and Retreats

  • Chapter (and contact details) Retreats and Events (All interested in the Society or its work are welcome!)

  • California Chapter The Rev. Dr. Richard O. Johnson, STS, Dean (530) 273-9600 roj@nccn.net Retreats:

  • Carolinas Chapter www.stscarolinas.org The Rev. Steven Saxe, STS, Dean (864) 268-8335 lcgs1601@aol.com Retreats: Advent: Dec. 4-5, Catholic Conference Center in Hickory, NC; Lent March 4-6 at St. Christopher's Camp and Conference Center on Seabrook Island, SC; Pentecost: May 21-22 CCC in Hickory, NC

  • Central Plains ChapterThe Rev. Jeff Cottingham, STS, Dean (308)529-0550 pastorjeff@trinitylutherangothenburg.com Retreats:

  • Chesapeake-Potomac Chapter The Rev. Carl Roemer, STS, Dean (410) 573-5315 ceroemer@gmail.com Retreats:

  • Columbia River Chapter Washington, Oregon The Rev. Joseph W. Hughes, STS, Dean (217) 898-9063 j_w_hughes@hotmail.com Retreats: Fall Retreat of the Columbia River Chapter will be Wednesday and Thursday, November 2-3 at Mount Angel Abbey, St. Benedict, Oregon

  • Delaware River Chapter Chapter in abeyance

  • Florida Chapter The Rev. Lawrence (Larry) R. Recla, STS, Dean (352) 430-1114 larryrecla@comcast.net Retreats: Chapter Retreat June 12 - 13, 2017 “Called to Common Mission” Rev. Thomas Prinz & the Right Reverend Theodore F. Schneide ELCA Chapter Retreat November 13 - 14, 2017 “Reflection on the Reformation in American Lutheranism” The Reverend Dr. Mark Granquist

  • Great Rivers Chapter central and southern Illinois, south-western Indiana, eastern Missouri, and vicinity The Rev. James T. Lehmann, STS, Dean (217) 417-4156 jtl611@hotmail.com Retreats:

  • Guadalupe River Chapter Texas The Rev. Ralph W. Reitmeyer, STS, Dean (325) 247-4906 rwreit@aol.com Retreats: November 13-14 (Monday /Tuesday) at the Cedarbrake Retreat Center near Belton,Texas

  • Indiana Chapter The Rev. Norman E. Dew, STS, Dean (330) 209-7612 normandmari@sbcglobal.net Retreats:

  • Metro New York Chapter The Rev. Terrence L. Weber, STS, Dean (718) 821-6662 TWeber1978@aol.com Retreats:

  • Minnesota Chapter The Rev. Trevor Bailey, STS, Dean (507) 430-4754 minnesota@societyholytrinity.org Retreats:July 17 - 18, Dec. 4 - 5 All retreats Noon to Noon at Christ the King Retreat Center in Buffalo, MN

  • New England Chapter The Rev. Ryan Mills, STS, Dean (203)903-8352 tlncpastor@yahoo.com Retreats:

  • Northern Illinois Chapter The Rev. Keith Forni, STS, Dean (815) 600-3030 keithlforni@gmail.com Retreats:

  • Iowa-Nebraska Chapter The Rev. Gary Hatcher, STS, Dean 563-964-2764 ggh5297@icloud.com Retreats: May 8-9, 2017 November 13-14, 2017 :: All Chapter retreats are at American Martyrs Retreat House - Cedar Falls, IA

  • Passavant Chapter Western Pennsylvania The Rev. Brian Evans, STS, Dean (412) 471-8125 bae@flcpittsburgh.org Retreats:

  • Rocky Mountain Chapter Western Canada The Rev. Bradley Everett, STS, Dean (403) 276-2955 everettsts@gmail.com Retreats:

  • Sangre de Cristo Chapter Kansas, Oklahoma The Rev. Peter C. Jacobson, STS, Dean (316) 847-1045 pjacobson@cox.net Retreats: Nov. 28-30, 2016: 36-hr retreat

  • Susquehanna Chapter central Pennsylvania The Rev. Kenneth Elkin, STS, Dean (570)323-7367 kennethelkin@gmail.com Retreats: December 4-5, 2017, SS Cyril & Methodius, Danville PA, 12PM; February 26, 2018, St. Peter Church, York PA, 9AM  May 7-8, 2018, SS Cyril & Methodius, Danville PA, 12PM                        December 3-4, 2018, SS Cyril & Methodius, Danville PA 12PM

  • Papers Studied: Camino Presentation Summary and Camino Speech
  • Upstate New York Chapter The Rev. John E. Priest, STS, Dean (607) 746-2098 priest2@stny.rr.com Retreats:November 2-3 (Thursday and Friday) at Christ the King Retreat Center in Syracuse

  • Wisconsin Chapter The Rev. Timothy Duesenberg, STS, Dean (608) 386-7021 stmaximos@aol.com Retreats: Oct. 31–Nov. 1, 2016: St Norbert's Abbey, DePere, Wisc.

  • At-Large Members Rodney Eberhardt- Appointed Dean 470-375-7191 (H) 516-458-1535 (C) Revrodney14@gmail.com

    No STS Chapter near you? For more about the Society and how you may participate, please contact the Society's Senior: The Rev. Patrick J. Rooney, STS (717) 870-1154 pastorrooney@gmail.com