Who we are

The Society is a ministerium (order) of pastors who have been ordained in Lutheran churches throughout North America. Click below for a brief history and founding statement of the society.


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The rule

Each member of the society signs The Rule. The Rule are guidelines for helping members of the society be faithful to the vows they made when they were ordained.


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The society is broken into regional chapters. These 23 chapters hold annual retreats for worship, study, and mutual conversation. To find a chapter near you, please click below.


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Endowment Fund

The society is grateful to have an endowment fund to ensure our future needs are met. Click below to learn more about the the current campaign and other funds news.


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STS Endowment

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    Endowment Fund Committee

    Societas Trinitatis Sanctae


    Presentation of Endowment Fund:

       At the 2015 General Retreat, Pr. Glen Johnson, STS, Committee Co-Chair, described the details of this three-year drive to re-establish our Endowment Fund. 

       Through the deans, he will also distribute copies of the brochure printed for this drive.  Each member will receive two copies – one for their own use, one for use by others.


       In the presentation, Pr. Johnson sketched out the financial goals for the next three years.  Year One will focus on gifts of $1,000,000 - $500,000. 
    Year Two will focus on gifts of $100,000 - $50,000.
    Year Three will focus on gifts of $10,000 to $5,000.

    Use of this Communication

    At the initial meeting last month, the Committee decided to use this format so it can communicate directly with the Society’s members.  The intent is to send the communication out every month for three years.  As you receive it, you may want to forward it to other Lutheran pastors as well as to present and former parishioners.  This will aid significantly in raising the awareness of the drive.  Those putting this format together are Prs. Minnich and Voges.  You may also want to go to the Society’s web-site - http://www.societyholytrinity.org.     


     Origins of the Society

    On the Annunciation of our Lord, 25 March 1995, there was a group of pastors from New Jersey who sent out a document, “9.5 Theses concerning the Confession of the Faith in the Evangelical Church in America.”  In a covering letter with the document, Louis A. Smith, a founding member of the Society and its second Vicar, explained the process that triggered the Theses.  Since 1993 the New Jersey (NJ) pastors who sent out the document had been meeting in scheduled retreats for prayer, theological study and conversation.  Their concern was for the confessional and pastoral integrity in their own parishes.  Their discipline was the “mutual conversation and consolation” in the Gospel that was so vital to Martin Luther.


    The retreats of these NJ pastors had been triggered by the 1992 NJ Synod Assembly (ELCA).  A resolution had been presented about the public statement of the ELCA Conference of Bishops that Baptism must take place in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  If the resolution had passed, it would have called on the bishops to “reconsider” and clarify their teaching, and to do so with the input of feminist theologians.


    At first glance the “reconsideration” request seemed innocent.  But in the context it was clear that the request would mean at least revision if not repudiation.  The clauses in the resolution and the supporting speeches recited the standard litany of patriarchy, sexism and sensitivity to women.


    This resolution was not adopted, but it was referred to a special task force appointed by the Bishop.  This task force included four of the group who sent out the Theses.  The task force dismissed the resolution as out of order, but the shape of the debate on the synod floor was disturbing.  It indicated both widespread support for the resolution and equally widespread ignorance of “The Lutheran Confession of the Biblical Faith of the Catholic Church”… (to be continued).

     - compiled from the writings of Louis A. Smith

    Why is a $4 million endowment needed?

    The leadership of the Society's officers and deans identified three areas needed to sustain the Society's work:

    •  $1 Million to enable the Society to support those pastors, active and retired, who are unable to provide all the resources needed to pay their membership dues along with participation in the General and Chapter retreats. These funds would also absorb the travel costs of the Society's officers for visits that include Chapter retreats and ordination anniversaries.
    •  $1 Million to enable the Society to support and provide scholarships to seminary students who have committed themselves to serve the church's ministry in the Lutheran denominations in North America.
    •  $2 Million to enable the Society to establish the Frank C. Senn, Amy C. Schifrin, and Frederick J. Schumacher Chair of Worship, Church Music, and Spiritual Discipline Studies. The persons occupying this Chair would teach in a variety of settings - seminary campuses, chapter retreat seminars and parish seminars.

    Introducing the Endowment Fund Committee

    Mrs. Ruth Reitmeyer

    Member of Christ the King Lutheran Church, Universal City, TX

    Senior Administrator,
    Institute of Texan Cultures

        Wide-ranging experience as
    development director for universities
    and private schools

    Email: TxMarm@hotmail.com

     Mr. Scott Little 

    Member of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elizabethtown, PA

    Communications Coordinator,
    PA House of Representatives,  
    handling public relations for eight

        Long experience with local radio and
    television stations

    Email: scottandmissy@embarqmail.com

     The Rev'd Nathan C. Minnich, STS 

    Pastor, Salem Lutheran Church, Elizabethville, PA
        Business experience as a licensed
    Funeral Director and former college
    development officer

    Email: ncminnich@gmail.com

     The Rev'd K. Glen Johnson, STS 
    Retired pastor, Ascension Lutheran Church, Calgary, Alberta

        Member, NALC Court of Adjudication
        Former president, Augustana
    Lutheran University, Camrose, Alberta

    Email: nuncjo@shaw.ca

     The Rev'd Carl A. Voges, STS 
    Retired pastor, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC

      Email: carl.voges4@icloud.com


      Glimpsing the Holy Trinity's Life: 

    ”Love the Lord, all you who worship him; the Lord protects the faithful, but repays to the full those who act haughtily.

    Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord.”

           – Psalm 31.23-24